April’s Survey Question

April’s 2021 Poll Question:

Will you attend a sporting event or concert this spring?  sportingevent


Our Thoughts

Depending on when you’re reading this, case counts could be going up or down. We could be in a new wave or just out of one. The only thing we can safely say at this point is that going back to a pre-covid normal looks unlikely any time soon. So, if we want to go and watch our favorite sports team beat their league rivals or see a number one DJ enthrall the crowds at a local festival, how do we make the right decision? There are many ways to think about attending a large event. Are we thinking about personal health, the health of at-risk friends and family, case number and deaths in general? Or do you simply believe “we can hide no more”?



5,267 Respondents

78% Voted:  4133 Votes:  “YES”

22% Voted: 1134 Votes: “NO”


SurveyBeta Conclusion

More than 3 in 4 people are planning to attend a sporting or music event this spring. A resounding victory for those who believe the return to normalcy is now. There are a good number of reasons we can attribute to this conclusion.
There is a definite air of fatigue regarding restrictive pandemic measures. The previously cautious hoped for a clean exit from restrictions, something that now looks impossible. They have had to settle with the idea of a “new normal”. A mask, a vaccine and a test might simply be a part of our future large event procedure. If it means we can get back to enjoying things we missed, maybe it’s a small price to pay.
We can also look to better clinical outcomes for those unlucky enough to get hit badly by COVID. Each day that passes our doctors learn more. Patients are enjoying tried and tested treatments that are getting quickly perfected. And with greater knowledge the fear of the unknown reduces and the public gain confidence to start living their lives again.


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