February’s Survey Question

February’s 2021 Poll Question:

Do you think masks should be mandated for kids in schools?  kids mask


Our Thoughts

Despite having lived with the pandemic for so long, and with many billions of dollars injected into unraveling it, we still really know so little. It’s a lesson for us arrogant humans that mother nature can still rap our knuckles and make us go and sit in the corner any time she wants. A question seemingly as simple as “Do masks limit COVID transmission in children?” feels like it should have been answered in 2020 to a layman such as myself. Without hard scientific facts to make these decisions easy we have to use what evidence we have, make sensible assumptions and use common sense. Will a mask impact a child’s learning? Will a mask on a child protect a teacher? The only thing that is certain, is that nothing is certain.



3,212 Respondents

62% Voted:  1,991 Votes:  “YES”

38% Voted: 1,221 Votes: “NO”


SurveyBeta Conclusion

Nearly 1 in 3 respondents believe that masks should be mandated for kids in schools. In this question there are definite positives and negatives we can think about, our results show that people broadly believe the positives outweigh the negatives here. We can look at some possible reasons for this outcome.
Wearing a mask can be seen as an action with a low personal cost. The effort required to put on a mask is minimal. If 1000 children put on masks and one life is saved I think that most people would agree that is a worthwhile exchange. Children are extremely adaptable, they do not bring with them baggage of life experience we carry. A change can rapidly become a “new normal” to a child and be absorbed into their life.
Another fact, that cannot be ignored, is the importance of these small lives. A parent will always take the maximum precautions even for the smallest risk. Tell a mother or a father that there is only a 1 in a million chance their child will fall sick? They will still take all possible safety measures to protect their little ones.



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