December’s News Article: 

The secret to getting people to answer your surveys

Published 12/01/21

The answer is simple, they must at least be a little fun to complete. Obviously, if you’re making surveys as part of a medical study or for some academic purpose this doesn’t apply but we’re going to assume if you’re reading this article then this isn’t you. 




November’s News Article: 

How has technology impacted surveys through history?

Published 11/01/21

The power of data and surveys took on a whole new meaning when computers became involved. The first 10 national censuses in the USA were all carried out and processed purely by hand. However, the huge expansion of the country and its populace forced officials to examine new ways to proceed.





October’s News Article: 

A Teenager on Tik Tok Disrupted Thousands of Scientific Studies With a Single Video.

Published 10/01/21

The July 23rd video is short and simple. It opens with recent Florida high school graduate and self-described “teen author” Sarah Frank sitting in her bedroom and smiling at the camera. “Welcome to side hustles I recommend trying — part one,” she says…




September’s News Article: 

What are QR Codes and How to Make Them for Surveys

Published 09/01/21

Do you remember the last time someone handed you a complementary card, and behind it, you noticed a square-shaped, black and white figure?  QR or quick response code is the most recent trend in marketing. Most businesses now insert these codes on their; posters, cards, flyers, websites e.t.c They have been observed to increase sales and customer feedback in recent years.





August’s News Article: 

Types of Student Surveys and Their Importance

Published 08/01/21


Students are the unique group of individuals that constitute the most significant proportion of any facility of learning. They can be spontaneous and unpredictable in their actions, but when the matter boarders around, resolving challenges that pertain to them, their viewpoint on affairs should not be neglected. Several survey means are available to instructors who wish to conduct thorough institutional surveys. A couple of known online and offline survey tools would be advantageous in this survey process.





July’s News Article: 

How to Improve Customer Engagements with Surveys

Published 07/01/21


We are all familiar with surveys; we know what they are used for and how they can be used. But there’s one other thing it’s used for, which is to boost your customer’s engagements.  That is, making your customers feel like they are valued, appreciated, and special. So here are a few ideas on how it can be done.




truth6 June’s News Article: 

How to Get People to Tell the Truth in Surveys

Published 06/01/21

We don’t expect everybody to tell the truth when filling survey forms, do we? Most individuals lie on surveys for a variety of reasons, leading some to believe that surveys aren’t reliable, but there are techniques to get people to speak the truth on surveys. Here are a few ways:





May’s News Article: 

Why You Should Ask Survey Screening Questions

Published 05/01/21

A survey in this context means to scrutinize, inspect or examine a specific particular or concept to ascertain its most current situation. There could be different types of surveys depending on what the survey was targeted to unravel. There could be student surveys, marriage surveys, natality surveys, economic surveys, business surveys, religious surveys, political surveys, travel surveys, etc.





April’s News Article: 

The History of Surveys

Published 04/01/21


A survey can broadly be defined as a way of researching some topic that involves asking questions to a selection of participants and recording their answers. From one of the scale this could be asking a simple yes or no question to a small group of people. At the other end it could be a 50 part set of complex questions that demand a paragraph each in response.





March’s News Article: 

What are Different Types of Surveys

Published 03/01/21

There are a number of ways to categorise survey types. Initially we can split surveys into 3 separate areas. Surveys for exploration, surveys for accurate description and casual surveys. We can’t go into a great amount of detail here but will give a brief overview of each type.





February’s News Article: 

What are the Most Shocking Surveys

Published 02/01/21

Surveys can often supply the researcher with unexpected and unpleasant results. Part of working with surveys is to remain impartial to the results and to simply interpret the data as it stands. A researcher in India, Swati Popat Vats was researching for a book she was writing at the time on how children are changing.





January’s News Article: 

How Can Surveys Go Wrong

Published 01/01/21


It’s easy to do a bad survey. It’s hard to do a great survey. Before spending valuable time and money on a survey there are a number of pitfalls that can be avoided by forethought and planning. In this article we’ll detail some of the more important ones.