Survey Data

A survey gathers information from a set of people, with the purpose of generalizing the results to a larger population. Surveys provide a significant source of data and insights for almost everyone in the information business, from government and private organizations to media and academic institutions.

Thousands of surveys are created every year to understand the choices, preferences, and experiences of customers and employees and everyday people. Surveys are conducted in different formats and distributed through various mediums.



December’s Survey Question: 

Does everyone start watching Christmas movies before December?

Published 12/01/21

Christmas in 2021 has been a roller-coaster ride of possibilities. Before the latest variant of COVID19 burst onto the scene there seemed to be a glimmer of hope that a normal festive period might be enjoyed by people all over the world.






October’s Survey Question: 

Do you think U.S. Lawmakers should take California’s lead and end sales of new gas powered vehicles by 2035?

Published 10/01/21


With the issue of climate change growing daily, nations all over the world are examining their options when it comes to
reducing the volume of their atmosphere damaging emissions.




September’s Survey Question: 

Do you think all new movies should be available on streaming platforms as they release at movie theaters?

Published 09/01/21

I doubt many people expected a global pandemic to be the all-encompassing game changer that it was for the movie industry. It was a perfect storm of factors that forced titanic change onto a powerful industry.





August’s Survey Question: 

Did the United States pull out of Afghanistan too fast?

Published 08/01/21

A question that will no doubt be hotly debated for generations to come, if not longer. We expect that there is more to this story that could shed more light on the decisions of the Biden administration but who knows if it will ever come to light.





July’s Survey Question: 

Were you excited when Jeff Bezos went into space?

Published 07/01/21

In a world where more and more people are questioning the benefits of the hyper-capitalist financial system we are attached to, the news that the richest man in the world was going to fly into space was met with predictable derision.





 June’s Survey Question: 

Do you think “Cancel Culture” has gone too far?

Published 06/01/21

Something happened on social media, people were encouraged not to follow celebrities or boycott their products. Something was said or felt to be offensive or disturbing, social media went into a frenzy to cancel it.





May’s Survey Question: 

Do you think more gun restrictions are a necessity in today’s world?

Published 05/01/21


There probably isn’t a more divisive question that could be asked of people in the United States of America. A question that cannot be untied from cultural, political, racial and moral aspects of life. From those that believe open-carry shouldn’t require a permit to those that want firearms to be made…





April’s Survey Question: 

Will you attend a sporting event or concert this spring?

Published 04/01/21


Depending on when you’re reading this, case counts could be going up or down. We could be in a new wave or just out of one. The only thing we can safely say at this point is that going back to a pre-covid normal looks unlikely any time soon.





March’s Survey Question: 

Do you believe Climate change is man-made?

Published 03/01/21


Today there is no real disagreement among climate experts that man is the main cause of global warming. A large majority of climate scientists agree that the global average temperature is warmer today than in pre-industrial times and that human activity is a significant factor.





February’s Survey Question: 

Do you think masks should be mandated for kids in schools?

Published 02/01/21


Despite having lived with the pandemic for so long, and with many billions of dollars injected into unraveling it, we still really know so little. It’s a lesson for us arrogant humans that mother nature can still rap our knuckles and make us go and sit in the corner any time she wants.





January’s Survey Question: 

Do you think marijuana should be legal in the United States?

Published 01/01/21


At the time of writing this article, recreational marijuana is legal in 19 states while remaining illegal at the federal level. It’s a political “hot potato” that shows no sign of cooling down anytime soon. Advocates talk of its medical powers and potential for raising tax dollars.






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